Student Enterprise System Access

The purpose of the Student Enterprise System (SES) is to support the functions required to fulfill job responsibilities in regard to student admission, student records and registration, student accounts and student financial aid. The privacy and confidentiality of student data is protected by The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

A User ID for SES is assigned when the required form(s) is/are completed and returned to the appropriate contact listed on each form. The ID, password and instructions regarding access and appropriate use of the system will be sent to the user via email as soon as access privileges have been established.

What Do I Need to Do?

1) Access the Form(s)

You may need access to more than one module. You can submit all forms at the same time. Click on the links below to access each form.

2) Complete form(s) and obtain necessary signatures

When completing each form, please take time to review the Data Security Policy and the Statements of Agreement. Don't forget the required signatures!

For more information about security roles for administrators in ImageNow, click here.

For more information about document types viewable by different security roles, see the Sharepoint ImageNow support site.

3) Fax form to Data Custodian(s)

Contact information is listed on each form. Be sure to save a copy of each completed form for your records.

4) We will contact you if your requested access requires training.

You can visit the training page for more information about SES training. Access to ImageNow requires training and installation of the application (for PC only). You will be contacted after your forms are processed.

Student System Authorization Forms

If you have any questions about which form(s) you need to complete and submit, please contact us via the NUIT Support Center

PeopleSoft Query Authorization Forms

Please note that these forms are for query access only. Query access is approved and granted in cases where our standard Student System reporting solutions do not meet business needs.

Off-campus Access:

Please submit a security form from the list below, signed by you and your supervisor.

(VPN connection req'd)